Artisanal Woodwork • Furniture • Cabinets • Specialties

From your concept,
through design development
and creation...

• You know the interior environment and your aesthetic goals.

• Selecting a partner to assist in your creative process
is an important step.

• Here is a resource for projects on the residential scale.

• Serving the Interior Designer, Contractor, Architect
and Residential Client.

Integrating: Natural Woods - Decorative Veneers - Finishing - Glass - Stone - Metals - Fabric Components - Electronics & Lighting.

On-site service to the Twin Cities metropolitan and surrounding areas.







The service within artisanal woodwork: A partner to your project process.

Where the objective is excellence, communication is the foundation of a successful project.

Many years of collaboration have reinforced my belief that details require verification.
Ongoing communication is essential.

Skilled crafrsmanship is important, but a shared understanding is key.

Experienced Craftsmanship - Supporting your design process.







What is an ASID Industry Partner?

An understanding of my fiduciary responsibility underlies my business practice. The challenge of delivering satisfaction under demanding circumstances is an energizing experience.

My long-term affiliation as an ASID Industry Partner is a sign of support for the larger mission of ASID. In part, raising standards of service to the public.

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